The PBLSJ is a motorcycle service jack is intended to lift up to 1,000 LBS.

This Service Jack is designed to lift vehicles up off the floor or a motorcycle lift table. Using the PBLSJ along with a lift table makes working under heavy bikes & removing tires very easy.

The PBLSJ includes a set of adapters made for lifting ATVs, Snowmobile, Lawn Mowers & other small vehicles.

  • Simple, Fast Setup... You will be up and running in no time!
  • Perfect for Motorcycles, ATV's, Lawn Mowers and many other small recreational vehicles!
  • Includes Full Set Of Adapters!
  • 6 Safety Locking Positions. Jack can be secured using a Lock Pin safety feature.
  • Simple Operation. Crank operated Jacking Mechanism.


Product PBLSJ
Maximum Capacity 1,000lbs
Length 26"
Width 7"
Lowered Height 3½"
Full Raised Height 15"
6 Locking Positions 4¼", 8½, 11",12½, 14", 15"
Shipping Weight (Approx.) 36lbs
Shipping Dimensions 24"L x 7"W x 5"H



  • 1 Yr Parts Warranty

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